The Home Depot


With a staggering number of 2,284 stores in North America, and approximately 400,000 employees worldwide, The Home Depot is the most famous and the world's largest chain of home improvement stores.

Known mostly for its affordable and high-quality DIY products, the company keeps evolving and providing cutting edge design and easy online purchasing.

 As a result, most of the Millennial Generation prefers The Home Depot for home-improvement shopping, as recent surveys reveal.

Whether updating your kitchen, refreshing your bath, reshaping your garden or even just doing a little painting, The Home Depot will supply you with an astonishing variety of products at wholesale prices.

To make it easier for you to turn your dream into reality, The Home Depot provides you with consultation centers for renovation solutions and current design trends.

The store provides a "one-stop shop" service, or as it is billed by some as a “360˚ solution".

The average size of a store is 105,000 square feet of indoor retail space, the equivalent of a shopping mall, but dedicated to the sale of home-improvement products.

Chances of not finding what you looking for are next to none. In fact, The Home Depot stores are so large that some of them serve as an inventory base for local e-commerce companies.

It is well known that a majority of DIY enthusiasts prefers The Home Depot for its home-improvement shopping, The Home Depot also reaches out to people who may not have the proper knowledge to fix or to build and gain knowledge by participating in a hands-on learning workshop in their hometown store with an expert who provides professional advice weekly.

As part of the company's extensive customer care experience, it provides specialized credit services, installation services, and tool & vehicle rentals.

Home improvement has never been easier.